The Evolution Meditation Chair

The newest and most innovative Meditation Chair designed is now available. 15 years in the making this chair provides perfect supported posture for deep and sustained meditation. 

Comfort and Support

Featuring an elevated position for the hips and a cleverly shaped cutout for the lower legs the Evolution Meditation Chair allows the knees to be perfectly supported while the feet and ankles rest comfortably on the included footrest.  The low rise backrest provides that added back support you will appreciate while still allowing freedom of movement in the upper body. No more legs that fall asleep or constant moving around try to get comfortable.

Made from laminated wood to achieve its uniquie shape the Evolution Meditation Chair features beautiful vegan leather upholstery for ultra soft feel and easy wipe clean maintenance.  

Guaranteed to be the best piece of furniture you have owned for anyone interested in Yoga and meditation.

 the best meditation chair you have ever owned.


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